Cloud-based technology is driving change at an ever-faster pace. As more and more businesses adopt public and private cloud, ways of working are having to adapt to keep up with the extraordinary rate of change. Whilst this can be daunting for many companies, it doesn't have to be. The trick is to understand how to adapot Ways of Working to ensure maximum delivery.

StoryPositive provides the following services to ensure they can no only keep up, but also excel within their field of operation:

  1. Leadership courses;
  2. Executive coaching;
  3. Psychometric testing, specifically OCEAN (NEO), using only people authorised by, and registered with, the British Psychological Society
  4. Consulting in -
    1. Agile methodologies - project organisation and operation
    2. Cloud computing, with a focus on Public Cloud; specifically AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

At StoryPositive, we believe the technical revolution in Cloud needs to be matched by a similar revolution in working practices. That's why our services concentrate on the confluence of both.

We have helped companies across Europe achieve higher ROI through faster delivery time and time again. Get in touch to see how we can help make your StoryPositive.